At Last I See the Light… and it’s covered in twine

I’m the type of person where the moment the sun goes down, my productivity goes down right along with it. For me, the brighter the better. But lately, my 200W lightbulb just hasn’t been cutting it. So I took every buzzword on Pinterest: minimalist, ombre, rustic, modern, budget… and smashed them together into a single light to hang beside my bed.


What you’ll probably need to buy:

What you may already have:

  • scissors
  • glue gun


Step 1: Prepare your twine

Remember those hair wraps we all used to get in elementary school? That’s what we are doing. Start by tying a knot at the end of your twine with the embroidery thread. IMG_3144Be sure not to cut your twine: you don’t know how much you will need later. Leave the tail of you knot intact, and hold it against the length of your twine and get wrapping!IMG_3146

To add more thread, tie a knot between the end of your first strand and the beginning of the second and do the same thing. To finish, tie just a standard knot looping the thread around the twine. This part I didn’t quite figure out, so I recommend just tying knots until it works. I started with the threads really close together and gradually had them spread out to get that ombre effect.


Step 2: Wrap your cord

Thought you were done wrapping? Think again! Using a hot glue gun, attach the end of your wrapped twine to the base of your light bulb cord, and glue it down the whole way around. As you continue wrapping, you don’t have to glue the entire thing, just dollops here and there for a little extra support. At the end, tie a knot for some extra support and make sure it’s glued.


Step 3: Screw in your light bulb, and enjoy!

I had planned to use mine as a desk lamp, but I’m obsessed with these cool hanging bedside lamps, too. If only I had the more wall space… but I guess my giant window and the sunshine it brings is as good as a lightbulb



With love and glitter,



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